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Overview Of This AI Tool

Undresser AI

Undresser AI is an AI tool that removes clothing from images using advanced technology.

Users can choose the type of clothing to remove, upload an image, select details like cup size, use a brush to refine the area, and then click to generate a nude version of the image.

Besides the undressing tool, the platform offers Animeify and Faceswap features. Faceswap lets you replace faces in photos with those of girlfriends, celebrities, or historical figures, allowing for funny videos, face swaps in nude photos, collages, or experimenting with different looks.

Animeify uses AI to transform ordinary photos into nude anime characters by analyzing facial features and recreating them in anime style.

It's designed for fans of mature anime and provides easy-to-use tools for creating stunning anime versions of selfies and portraits.

Undresser AI provides free trials as well as affordable paid plans. The free plan gives you access to undress mode, unlike others who provide only bikini mode in a free trial. In addition, you can also try their Animeify and Faceswap mode for free.

Demos Of This AI Undress Tool

Image 1    Image 2    Image 3    Image 4

Key Features

  • Undresser AI: AI tool for removing clothes from images.
  • Customization Option: Allows users to adjust settings according to their preferences.
  • Animeify: Transform photos into anime-style images.
  • Amazing Accuracy: Provides highly accurate results.
  • Easy To Use: User-friendly interface, simple to operate.
  • API for similar tool creation: Offers an API for developing similar tools.
  • Free Trial: Try the service for a limited period without payment.
  • High Resolution Images: Generates images in high-quality resolution.
  • Face Swapping: Swap faces between different photos.
  • Fast Generation (Even In Free Plan): Quickly creates images, even in the free version.
  • And More: Additional features or capabilities beyond those listed.

Pricing Details

Free Plan:

  • 50 Free Gems
  • Access to Undress Mode
  • Access to Animeify And Faceswap

Paid Plan:

  • Price starts at $19.99
  • 3000 to 999999 Gems
  • Access To All The Features
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