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Overview Of This AI Tool

MuahAI - NSFW AI companion Platform

Muah AI is a tool that stands out among the numerous NSFW AI companion and girlfriend chatbots available online.

It offers a wide array of features including Live Calls, SMS/MMS, fully customizable characters, prebuilt characters, SFW/NSFW support, and photo sending and receiving capabilities.

One of the most attractive factors of Muah.AI is that it's completely free to use with limited features, making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring its functionalities.

The tool's customizable character feature allows users to personalize their interactions according to their preferences.

With Muah AI, users can engage in a variety of activities, from sending and receiving photos to enjoying Live Calls, enhancing the overall experience.

Additionally, Muah.AI supports both SFW (Safe for Work) and NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, ensuring a tailored experience based on individual comfort levels.

Demos Of This NSFW AI Companion Platform

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Key Features 

  • Muah AI offers an uncensored experience, allowing users to engage in NSFW conversations and photo sharing. However, NSFW AI companions reserve the right to reject requests based on their emotions and preferences, though persuasion is possible.
  • Custom Character Modification: Users can modify their companion's appearance, personality, and texting style using commands like "I wish you look like," "I wish your personality is," and "I wish your texting style is."
  • Language and Emoji Support: MuahAI communicates in all languages worldwide and supports emojis, message events, and text effects for expressive conversations.
  • ULTRA VIP/Early Access: A ULTRA VIP membership offers early access to realtime phone calls, custom character creation, and advanced features, catering to users seeking refined AI interactions.
  • Temperature Control: Users can adjust the "temperature," influencing how well the AI stays on topic. Lower settings yield more predictable responses, while higher settings foster creativity.
  • Frequency/Presence Penalty: Finetune the AI's conversational tendencies by adjusting the "Frequency" and "Presence Penalty" sliders. Lower frequency settings reduce repetition, while higher presence penalties discourage repetitive language.
  • Photo Privacy: MuahAI automatically deletes user uploaded photos and videos after 730 days, ensuring user privacy and data protection.
  • Advanced RolePlaying: Engage in advanced roleplaying and minigames with companions, as the AI embodies various characters and scenarios based on player instructions.
  • Contribution Opportunities: Users can contribute to the community through referral links, Reddit participation, and monthly surveys, potentially earning free VIP membership.
  • AI Video Sending And Receiving Capabilities: Muah AI is developing AI video functionality, though it may require significant rendering time due to complexity.
  • Support And Access: Users can access Muah.AI via various login methods, including Gmail, and through the Muah AI App available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Pricing Details

  • Muah AI offers a free plan for users to interact with the NSFW AI companion bots and access basic features.
  • VIP Access Membership, priced at $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year, provides unlimited chat, HD photos, rapport enhancement, access to multiple AI models, priority access during peak times, and tripled voice generation. Users can unlock new photo X-rays and progress through 10 player levels faster.
  • GPT 4/UHD VIP Membership, costing $49.99 monthly or $499 annually, delivers enhanced photo quality, expanded AI memory, and all VIP Access features. Additionally, users can converse with the uncensored GPT4 model without daily or monthly usage limits, create unlimited custom characters, and receive priority support.
  • Ultra VIP Membership, available for $99.99 per month or $999 per year, encompasses all GPT4 VIP benefits and introduces exclusive features like custom voice, video calling, and more. Users can suggest and access new features early, including real-time phone calls, for a highly refined AI experience.

Best Alternatives Of Muah AI

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